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we turn complicated data into actionable insights that
you can actually use to develop an edge in trading.
technical analysis dashboard featuring custom reports
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what is edgeful?

have you ever wondered how often gaps fill? Or which weekday has the biggest range? Or what performance is like before/after earnings? Those are just a few of the things that our reports show you.
with edgeful, you can instantly see how any stock, ETF, forex pair, or futures contract moves, and take advantage the same way "smart money" does. Use Edgeful and start trading like the institutions, with data-backed strategies.

how it works

so easy that it's hard not to make money.
step 1

pick an asset

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step 2

pick a report type

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step 3

pick a report

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step 4

pick a stock

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pick timeframe

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step 6

find your edge

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our features

every feature you need to make money.
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intuitive reports

instantly see the odds and start trading with them, not against them. custom reports show you exactly which side of the trade to be on for the biggest edge - all packed into clean, easy-to-understand, reports that anyone can use regardless of experience.

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maximize profits

our reports help you maximize winning trades and minimize losing trades. we show you what weekdays have the best opportunities, days to leave runners, and even where to put your profit targets. now you can stop guess and actually make money using data, not your emotions.

asset types graphic
all asset types

stocks, options, futures, & forex - edgeful has data for every trader. Doesn't matter if your favorite thing to trade is NVDA options, TSLA shares, NQ Futures, or EUR/USD - we've got reports for it all!

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catch market changes

dynamic, price action, volume, & indicator reports are updated daily to ensure you can capture the most recent market trends instead of missing them, as usual (sorry but it's true).

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custom TradingView indicators

yeah, you read that right. not only do we show you the odds of trades working out, but we also let you see it play out right on your TradingView chart. these indicators let you live trade with the odds on your side.

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analysis made simple

instantly learn the personality of any asset. see how it moves by weekday, by time interval, by economic announcements, and whatever else you can imagine. we have reports for everything.


less than the profits of one trade.

save 20% annually


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per month

7-day free trial

equities, forex, futures assets

custom date picker

50+ reports

5+ years of data

economic calendar

explainer video library

5 free mentorship calls /month

priority 24/7 customer support

TradingView custom indicators

custom "favorite reports" library

unlimited & priority report requests

5 free 1:1 help sessions /month

customizable report inputs

custom market sessions

detailed report tables

personalized report development

custom TradingView indicators

detailed price charts

custom dashboard | coming soon

report screener | coming soon

AI integration | coming soon




per month

7-day free trial

equities, forex, futures assets

custom date picker

50+ reports

5+ years of data

economic calendar

explainer video library

2 free mentorship call /month

priority 24/7 customer support

TradingView custom indicators

custom "favorite reports" library

3 custom report requests /month

3 free 1:1 help sessions /month

custom dashboard | coming soon




per month

7-day free trial

equities, forex, futures assets

preset date ranges

50+ reports

5+ years of data

economic calendar

explainer video library

1 free mentorship call /month

24/7 customer support

what people are saying

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Jake Wujastyk


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fun fact: we are entering a very bullish seasonal time of year. April has had some absolute RIPPERs. data provided by edgeful.

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James Bruce


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I have loved using edgeful to better my decision making on the trading desk. men lie, women lie but the numbers do not. getting accurate data from edgeful has been a game changer for me.

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LG Crypto


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time is money and information is priceless! historical data and trends at your fingertips, available with a few clicks of a mouse.

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I've been using the ATR report to trade SPX options. now I make between $25-40k a week. I'll long calls & puts then takes straddles at the open sometimes. ATR report is my favorite by far.

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Edgeful truly is a game changer for traders. No matter if you trade Forex or Stocks or Futures, Edgeful has you covered. I really love using the price action reports to help determine my daily bias when trading ES. Thanks Edgeful!

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Kieran Duff


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Honestly, I WISH I had edgeful at the beginning of my trading journey not only to understand quickly certain nuances about various markets and assets but to save me hours and hours of testing certain nuances to find out there's no edge or that there's an edge to explore.

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As a data driven trader, I prefer to trade probabilities over possibilities, and Edgeful gives me so much more additional information to bolster my trade thesis

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Emperador Maximiliano


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Edgeful's data reports have taken my trading to the next level. My entries and exits have improved greatly allowing me to capture a higher percentage of profits from my trades. The TradingView indicators have also made life so much easier as a fast paced futures trader!

unlock your

trading potential

a trading insights platform designed for day traders to skip the hassle of analyzing data - trade like the institutions, not off emotions

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about edgeful

data is boring and confusing, and excel just doesn't do the job if you actually want to make money trading. edgeful was built so every trader can access data that only the institutions and quants were able to see before. we're leveling the playing field for all.

our mission

you shouldn't have to become a quant to be a profitable trader, that's what we're here for. our mission is to give you the tools needed to succeed - to start trading on the side of the data, not your emotions. edgeful gives you the confidence to trade like institutions.
everything we do is tailored toward simplicity. we're not crazy, we know that data is intimidating, that's why we make everything so simple. our reports are clean and sleek, we'll never include unnecessary bells & whistles. we want to narrow your focus to what's actually important, the things that will make you money. keeping things simple is the quickest way to profitability.

founder & CEO @ edgeful

frequently asked questions

over 3,000 tickers. if there's something we don't have, you can reach out to and we will add it for you!

yes, we have reports for all three assets.

we currently have tradingview indicators related to our reports but currently, we don't integrate with any platform.

it's for any trading style. whether you scalp, day trade, or swing trade, we have reports for them all.

currently our data goes back to the beginning of 2019, so just over 5 years.

edgeful does not provide buy and sell signals — if you're looking for signals, just save your money and don't bother learning how to trade. try something else.

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